1024mb DDR2 ram
160 Gb sata hard disk drive.
intel G33 chipset family motherboard.
using 256mb shared memory video.

i'm willing to buy a geforce card graphic.. i would like to know which geforce card will be adequate for my pc.
actually i do not know much about graphic cards , so.....
could anyone suggest any... and could you post the price too....
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  1. Your computer is fugly old, so don't get a super new card. I'm guessing your PSU will only take an 8800GT or lower. $80
  2. What do you do with this computer? What resolution are you running? What games if any do you play? Give us details if you want (real) help.
  3. The more information you give us, the better your advice will be. What processor are you using? What resolution (example : 1440x900) What power supply does your system have? Specs of power supply (example 400watts, with 24 amps on 12v) What is your budget? Where will you be getting the graphic card (example: Newegg)
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