Attention: Out of Range H:17.8 KHz V:21.8Hz Please Help!

I do not know a lot on computers but when my friend looked at it, he said that there is no video card installed. I scanned through Desktop>Properties>Settings>Advanced>Adapter, all of the information listed were <unavailable>
I also tried several solutions that were suggested here with regards with my problem but none of it goes well.
How can i fix this? Please Help! Thanks in advance!
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  1. Obviously you have a video card. You are missing the correct driver. Out of range frequencies mean the incorrect refresh rates were set for your monitor and it should default to VGA. Find what video card you have by looking up your computer model if designed by the mfg. or get AIDA32 app. if it is custom built. Then go download the correct video drivers. If desktop, you may want the monitor drivers as well, for an outside chance of frequencies not detected. Once all installed go to desktop, right click properties and settings tab. Adjust resolutions and color spectrum.
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