Asus P5Q mainboard and Gigabyte Radeon HD4550


I recently bought a Asus P5Q mainboard and a Gigabyte Radeon HD 4550graphic card. After installing windows everything boots up correct, but after installing the graphic card drivers from ATI’s homepage something goes bad. The system can no longer boot up, it comes to the windows intro screen but it never makes it to the login screen, I just get black screen. Have tried all the outputs on the card black screen on all of them.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Best regards
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  1. Seems the card is only working in VGA mode.

    What power supply do you have?

    See if you can boot into safe mode:

    If so, remove the driver(s).

    Is it possible you accidentally installed the wrong drivers?
  2. Safe mode works perfectly and i have uninstalled the drivers, i have tried both the drivers that comes with the graphic card cd and the newest from ATI's homepage. The power supply is 500w so should be enough.

    I should also mention that i sent the card graphic card back and got a new one, this have the same problem, so i think it might be the mainboard?

    Best regards
  3. Certainly 500W is far more than enough, but only if the power supplied is of the appropriate voltage and stability.

    Take the card out and visually inspect the PCI-E slot to be sure there is nothing in there or any noticeable irregularities. Be very certain that the card is fully seated when you replace it.

    Are the motherboard standoffs installed correctly? They should ONLY be under the 9 screw holes on the motherboard. A short in the right place can sometimes cause problems.

    Another idea would be to make sure your chipset drivers are all up to date before installing the card drivers.
  4. The motherboard is installed correctly, and there is nothing in the PCI-E slot. I will try upgrade the chipset drivers and see if it helps.


    Best regards
  5. It's possible you got a second card that failed in the same way, due to the way they sometimes handle these things... but it's more probable that it's just a bad PCI-E controller on the board.
  6. Jup that was my guess as well, but i just wanted to check if anyone else had this issue. I will try the chipset drivers and if that dont work ill return the mainboard.

    Best regards
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