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Everything I've read about overclocking an AMD CPU involves turning the Cool n Quiet off. What effect does it have if I just plan on OCing by changing the multiplier on My Phenom 720? I'd like to keep the CPU more power efficient but still get a little more performance for gaming.

Other info:
XFX 750
6G ram
Windows 7

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  1. Cool n' Quiet is basically the AMD version of Intel's Enhaced Intel Speed Step, which lowers the multiplier when the CPU is idle.

    It will have zero effect when you're overclocking. The overclocked CPU will still drop a several bins at idle, but it still retains the fully overclocked speed when loaded.
  2. I believe the turn Cool n Quiet off thing came about due to the K8 generation of processors. Cool n Quiet just doesn't seem to work with an overclocked K8, at least I've never gotten it to work.

    However I've got a Phenom 9850 overclocked to 3.0Ghz that works just fine with Cool n Quiet on Vista for me. It's idle speed is 1.250Ghz.
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