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why doesnt my laptop acer aspire 5100 wont boot it starts off with the acer interface for 20sec then micosoft windows interface appears trying to process for about 50sec then it starts over again. I tried F8 to start window in normally, didnt work jst went in2 that circle of going to acer interface 30sec then window xps interface 50sec over and over again I then tried F8, safe mode, it went thru that cicle as above then tried F8 last known good configuration .... went thru that circle again acer interface 30sec.... windows xp 50sec tried F8 reboot et..... didnt work can u help?
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  1. Windows corrupt. repair or install new.
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    Could be corrupt because of a virus or Trojan so me-by you can do a system recovery.
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  4. yes I had just finished running avg 9 in safe mode da free version and it picked up 2 trojan horse once finished running avg9 I then closed it, restarted it didnt come open up windows xp as it norm does... um that system recovery do I need to purchase this does this do the job.
  5. O.K This is the problem so far Trojan damage some important files in windows so you can do a system recovery.
    this not not too complicated first when you turn on the computer and you normally see the logo... you know Compaq, Dell, HP, etc
    theirs a key you pass eider F1,F2, F12, F10 one for dame and you'll see the recovery screen.. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!
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