Is this good for cpu/gpu oc?

I'm not the best when it comes to overclocking and don't really have any experience also. I started to do a lot of research and learned a lot from reading o.c forums. Today I decided to o.c my system and run vantage and these were my results...

3DMark Score=p36461
GPU Score=32245
CPU Score=59991
I am running a i7 920(c0) @ 3.9ghz(or 4.1ghz with turbo) on water
470gtx in SLI @ 785/1700 on stock air cooling
12gb ram 1600
1000 Kingwin PSU

I would like to know if this is good I have already compared with other results on forums, but I don't really know what is good or bad exactly. I would really appreciate your guys input on this subject. This is also my very first Forum thx.
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  1. I'm not too speced on Vantage scores so I can't have any input there.

    You should monitor your temps (if you don't already) and stress your CPU with Prime 95 for a while to check if your system is stable, this is if you haven't done it.

    3.9GHz is a pretty standard OC for the i7s however it is a great achievement for a beginner.
  2. Thank you for your feed back. I ended up running prime 95 for about 12 hours the temps weren't bad 70c on load and 32c idle. I think im going to clock it down to 3.8 ghz so It wont bottleneck the 470's from what I read.
  3. What do you mean clock it down so it doesn't bottleneck the 470s?

    12 hours thats pretty stable, good work. Are you sure can't get the voltage any lower, I think if you want 3.8GHz, go to it and try and get the voltage as low as possible with it stable.

    70'C, thats a fair bit. I'm not sure about the temperature of the i7s but I wouldn't want my Core 2 going past 65 for long periods. However I'm a bit protective :). I think I got 4GHz with 65C on load with a CNPS9500, so your water cooling must be pretty bad.

    Maybe you could buy a better water cooling setup or just grab a nice air cooler.

    Have you becnhmarked your system at stock GHz then at 3.0,3.4,3.8 to see if your bottlenecking those cards. I would love to know your results with this.

    Keep it up.
  4. I will run the bench marks and post them by tomorrow night. I think I need to fix up my water cooling set up is fine I modded my thermaltake lcs case with the following:

    tygon tubing (1/2 id)

    also a swiftech cpu block (forgot the model number got it off a friend)

    I think I might have to redo my rig by reinstalling the tubing and cleaning it out and also reapply new paste.
    Thank you for your feed back I'll post for help if the problem continues with my liquid cooling system.

    The bad thing is I have a c0 stepping cpu from the first batch of i7's and they need a have higher temps and require more volt increase :-(

    What do you think could be the problem with my temps?

    sorry typing this as I'm talking on the phone hope I made some sense lol
  5. Sorry for the late post, but here are the benches starting from stock and ending at 3.8 ghz.

    This is stock i7 920 and stock 470's

    This is stock i7 920 and overclocked 470's

    This is the i7 920@3ghz and stock 470's

    This is the i7 920@3ghz and overclocked 470's

    This is the i7 920@3.4ghz and stock 470's

    This is the i7 920@3.4ghz and overclocked 470's

    This is the i7 920@3.8ghz and stock 470's

    This is the i7 920@3.8ghz and overclocked 470's
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