A dead module or a bad dimm slot? (DDR 3 on Asus p6t ws)

Hello All,

A few months back my comp began to only register 4 of my 6 gigs of memory on the BIOS post and in the OS, so I have been trying to figure out why for quite some time.

First, I spoke with corsair and they told me to run mem test I did and it found no errors ( only showed 4 gigs of Ram though), so they asked my to update to latest version of BIOS and change profile to XMS #1 and up voltage by .1. Did all this, none of it worked. So they decided to give me an RMA. But now I am beginning to wonder whether its a bad dimm slot, but I can't really test because B1 and c1 have to be populated or the comp won't boot.

I had read somewhere that it could be possible that my CPU isnt mounted correctly. I did go with a new HSF a few months back, but didn't notice the problem as soon as I put the hsf on. Also, I know everything lined up and locked down when I put my new HSF on a few months ago. I would hate to send the whole set back, wait months and get a new one to have the same problem. Could this be why? I really am just guessing.

Anyone have any other suggestions? I hate to have to RMA something particularly if it is un-necessary

Specs are as follows:

Asus P6t WS Pro Mobo

Corsair DDR3 1600 (2*3)

Core I7 920

9800 GX2

800 watt PS

7200 rpm iTB Cavaiar HDD
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  1. nobody knows anything about this type of issues?

    I really don't wanna go through hell with asus now :/

    Should I just remove and reinstall?

    I know it's oriented correctly I wouldn't have installed ( I aligned the notches), but could it just have some small misalignment or some obstruction?

    Someone has to have had this problem before.

    A motherboard RMA is not something I want to go through :/
  2. Just as an update:

    The issue has been resolved for some time, after absolute chaos and I still have issues with cooling.
    The ram turned out to be fine from the get go. So I called ASUS and the tech I spoke with immediately asked if I had the C0 or D0 revision of the Core i7 920 ( I had C0). He said contact intel, several people have been having the same issue. Did research and found out that it was in fact true.

    Inetl was adament that they had no problems on an intel motherboard with the C0 and it was on ASUS. I told them about my cooling issues as another problem and they said I had to test on another board (I told them a total lie and said I had lol). They also said an after market cooling fan voids warranty (I had to do some serious back tracking to get the guy to pretend he didnt hear me say that lol. Luckily they got fed up with me bugging him and by the grace of god, they agreed to one RMA with no guaarantee of which revision I would receive and only becuase I was having cooling issues as well. They also said that running the X.M.P profile to get 1600 clock speed was a big no-no and was over maximum recommened qram voltage (by like .02 lol).

    I get the CPU back and sure enough it's a C0 again and I am now just redy to flip. I call ASUS again, the next tech said if intel denies any issue with that revision then go ahead and install and if the issue isn't resolved call back (they gave me a case #). It didn't so I had to send in the motherboard now (after trying out some things they asked me to). After 4 weeks waiting on ASUS Turned out to be some sort of grounding ussue with the first pair of dimm slots. So everything is working now.

    Newest problem is with not only the CPU temp being in the low-mid 40's but motherboard temps in the same range ( sightly lower but always above 40 after an hour oir so)! I refuse to do watercooling lol and whether or not the ram is run at 1066 or 1600 w/ X.M.P. profile it makes zero temp difference. Hope this helps someone in the future if you have an issue with your ram on a P6T-WS mobo.
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