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My Name is Kevin and I am looking to upgrade my build that is a little over a year old. I am currently running 2 x EVGA 8800GT 512's, Q6600 2.4 ghz quad core, 4 gigs of ram, Asus P5NE-SLI motherboard. 22 in monitor 1680x1050. 600W Coolmaster power supply.Nothing is overclocked. I am really stuck in a rut with what i want to get. The 295 GTX is the best right now (i think) and i was thinking about getting that. I am not sure if something that powerful would work the best with my computer. I really dont want to buy a whole new computer because the graphics needs all this high end stuff to go with it. I think that card is around 800 bucks. I am also going to pick up a 1000w powersupply to put in this. I'm pretty sure im going to get some responses about my processor bottlnecking the GTX 295. I want to upgrade the best that i can without going overboard.

I was also considering going SLI again. Maybe 2x GTX 285's. Would this give me a performance advantage over the single GTX 295? From my experience since ive had my 8800GT's is that SLI isnt all its cracked up to be. Then there is this Windows 7 that is coming out that is maybe going to support DX 11?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I just feel lost when i go to upgrade because of all the options, especially when people tell you stuff like WELL I WOULD UPGRADE YOUR RAM TO< AND THE PROCESSOR IS TO SLOW< GET A BIGGER POWERSUPPLY! its like damn all i wanted was a new GPU.

Looking forward to being part of the Tom's Hardware community.

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  1. The GTX 295 has/will have all the issues of SLI that you have now, it's pretty much two GTX260's in SLI on one card. SLI GTX 280's or GTX 285's are both stronger than one GTX 295.

    More than that, you probably should overclock your processor or grab a Q9550, at 2.4Ghz, you might not see much of an improvement getting any new graphics card.
  2. I want to buy some new cards! This means i have to spend 300 dollars on a processor at the same ghz? My 8800 GT's are performing pretty nicely andcan pretty much run all the newest game close to max. If i have to upgrade just to upgrade to be outdated in a month, i might as just wait until im playing games at 800x600 on low. what a waste of money. Any advice is much appreciated. I want to play crysis and stalker: clear sky on max!
  3. In my opinion you still have a good machine... Take in mind each new game release is an increase in graphics / cpu / architecture demand, so, playing Stalker Clear Sky at max, or Crysis, is really going to need the max out there in every single component.

    I really doubt that Stalker Clear Sky can run really smooth in a GTX 295 on Core i7, with every single option very high detail. It happens like crysis when it was released, any computer on earth was able to turn it up at 60fps average...

    your setup has still lots of frags to take...
  4. Nothing wrong with what you have, spending money right now to upgrade your rig is throwing money down the drain, you are going to see very little gain for what you will spend.
    Best thing you can do right now? Overclock your q6600!
    They overclock very easily, and you will see a nice bump up if you run it at 3.0ghz, really nice bump.
  5. I'd stick with your 8800gt's in SLI. You won't get a monstrous improvement over what you have now unless you dump alot into an upgrade. Wait till your games don't run at the detail you want. That's what I do.
  6. Thanks Guys!
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