White-flickering screen at cold boot

Hi there comunity!

i have this problem in the last month:
only when i boot my computer (in the morning- cold boot), i got first a flickering screen and then in the last weeks a white screen (with artefacts..flickering).
this happens after the windows loading screen (--- so: problem not related to monitor or cables because windows logo displayed correctly)
when i restart everything is fine.
when i turn the pc off for 2 hours: then boot: no prob
now i know it has to be related to the g-card because, i booted the pc with the on-board graphics and it' fine (or maybe mainboard?)
i have this card: leadtek 8800 gt, 512MB
also: it is not the driver: i have the problem with different drivers.
i checked the connection to mainboard: seems ok, i cleaned the vent.

i noticed that if i don't cut the current to the computer over night i get a normal start, but this was going fine in the beginning, now i get always the white -flickering screen.

if someone knows this don't be shy to post, thanks!
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  1. Have the same prob with my old rig, it has a 6800 gt.
    Maybe the first time you boot, the computer doesn't give enough power to the gpu.
    But i had and old computer that had the same problem ( not white screen, only artifacts), and its no GPU related cause have the problem with different GPUs.
    If you can, try to unplug the computer from the line one entire day, and find if your BIOS reset its values to default. If it does, the battery of the Mobo doesn't recharge well.
  2. Thanks for your replay,

    I will try to compare values in BIOS. Yes, it must be that some hardware is not getting enough power. I'm not sure which.

    Til later.
  3. hello again,

    at the time it is like this:

    if i inplug the pc over night when i boot a only see a weird white-ish screen, like this i can't go in bios or anywhere. if i restart it will boot ok. the values in bios looked ok (but than again i could only check when the pc boots normally).
    i thing it is related to the Graphics card directly (but i can't move the post now). Maybe motherboard, battery on mobo?

    any ideas?
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