Average Temp. on Amd 955 BE at 3.5ghz

Currently I am at 3.5 Ghz with an asus crosshair iv, hd 5830, 4gb ram, 750 psu, and the corsair h50. Currently the temperatures are at 52 celcius at full load and sitting around 33 at idle. My radiator is setup with push/pull and i have 2 fans from the front. Are these temps normal?
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  1. Them temps are pretty good matey. If you had air cooling, your idle would probably be 40-50 with them speeds. 35C is just right :]. You should push to get 3.8Ghz with 1.45 volts. :]
  2. very good temps.

    my unlocked 550 at 1.49 volts hits 65 under load.
  3. push/pull....... as in radiator mounted in fan slot in back of case and cool air from the back being pulled into the case and through the radiator and INTO the case vs pulling air from the inside of the case through the radiator and out the back of the case ? Should run a little cooler that way. (from out/to in )
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