Best Intel chipset currently...?

It's about that time when I will soon be looking at new parts for a new buiult up from scratch system.
I have been "off the market" for a couple of years, so I'm wondering if anyone can give me a quick update on what are the superior chipsets offered by Intel these days?

I'm coming from a 975X which has served me well.

Please respect my request for Intel, not nVidia or other make.

I'd appreciate any feedback.
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  1. If building a new system, then I would say X58.
  2. X58 makes sense for a Core i7 build, but without knowing the processor you have in mind, it's impossible to say.
  3. Since a motherboard based on the 975X chipset should support most or all Core 2 CPUs (an Asus P5W DH Deluxe does), upgrading to a motherboard based on a P45 or X48 chipset doesn't provide much benefits.
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