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Hello, recently installed a program called tune clone which created a virtual cd drive on my computer, now though i cannot access my dvd r/rw drive. Tried uninstalling the drive, but i cannot find drivers for my computer to reinstall my dvd r/rw drive, i have a gateway model MX8734
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  1. Go into the device manager, right click on the DVD drive, and uninstall it, then restart. It should reinstall on restart.
  2. If the above does not work then you may have to delete your CD drives upper and lower filters. After you do this you may have to reinstall any CD burning software. The easy way of deleting the upper and lower filters is to visit the below Microsoft web site and select the run now button.
  3. I have tried looking for the dvd drive in the device manager allready... its mia... Now trying pjmelelct's solution, although I allready saw this suggestion in a similar thread, and tried the fixit application... im looking through the support suggestions which ask me to delete the upper and lower filters for my vista system, as you pjmelect suggested but I deleted the upper but cannot find the lower filter... I will try restarting in a few moments to see if this fixed it anyway although support implys that it will not>...
    any other suggestions?... I can hear my dvd drive run every so often with a dvd/cd in but it does not autostart or pop up on "My Computer" WTF kinda frustrating. Thanks for your suggestions.
  4. Now that you've deleted the filter, try running the Fixit scan.

    Are there any yellow ! in the device manager?
  5. I suggested that you used the Microsoft run now button because there are a number of entry’s with the same name with upper and lower filters which can be confusing. The fact that you did not see a lower filter means that you did not get the right key. If you delete the wrong key you can trash beyond repair your Windows installation.
  6. I saw no ! in the device manager, no buttons for cd/dvd drives either. I tried the micorsoft fixit program (intstalled by the run now button) again as well, but the same problem it found no dvd/cd drives, and it stated it was unable to fix the problem. Windows still seems to be running fine despite deleting the upper filter and not finding the lower filter. I found the folders exactly specified in the microsoft support page

    I think the next best thing i can try is to find a system resore point, and see if that helps... Otherwise your help is appreciated.
  7. Does the drive show up in the BIOS?

    Make sure the 2 cables connected to the DVD drive are secure.
  8. not sure how to find the BIOS... i suppose it involves something to the effect of soft booting somehow? Otherwise checking connections would probably be the next try, although im not sure its easy with this laptop it would be... and or booting it without it being connected once, and then reconnecting the hardware and rebooting?
  9. Ah, a laptop. Checking the connection would be a little more difficult.

    Tap the delete key repeatedly on startup. This is the most common key to get into the BIOS. It should list each hard drive and optical drive in the primary/secondary channel list. Each BIOS is a little different, so I can't give exact directions on where to look.
  10. On a laptop the connection to the CD drive is often unreliable, undo the single screw that holds in the CD drive remove and refit. This often cures the problem of no CD drive in a laptop.
    I didn’t think that it could have been due to a hardware fault because you said that it occurred because of installing some software.
    I would try to do a system restore to an earlier time, because of deleting the filter and it would rule out any problems with windows. If you are unable to do a restore don’t forget to try doing a system restore in safe mode
  11. well, it worked even after the software install about a week and a half ago, at some point randomly since it appears that it has stopped showing up. Around the same time as the Tune Clone i installed an old version of itunes against my better judgement, being it was the simplest free way i could figure to buy and convert to mp3 some obscure music that i could only find on itunes store. Along the way somehow I decided this tune clone program wasnt going to work, since im cheap and wasnt about to pay $30 for the program to convert songs i had already paid for. ultimately not sure what the problem is. I suppose i may have given the computer a little jostling in the last couple weeks too... Makes this problem hard to pinpoint... but i will try/reasearch your suggestions in the next day.
  12. At this point, the restore points are a good option.
  13. to bad my restore point(s) only went back to earlier yesterday
  14. Was the DVD drive listed in the BIOS? It should display the model information, not just 'dvd drive.'
  15. Hmm, no DVD/CD drive listed in bios... looks like i have to resort to opening this puppy up
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    If it's not listed in the BIOS, the cable is unplugged, the cable is bad, or the drive is dead.
  17. ick... ive allready tried opening it up to get at the individual components but it doesn't look easy at all in this laptop, but believe it or not I think i may have a working spare from an identical model if i can actually get inside to replace it. Thanks again guys!
  18. As I said before most laptops have only a single screw holding in the CD drive on the bottom of the case after removing the screw the drive should just slide out. Removing and refitting the CD drive fixes the problem of missing CD drive in many cases,
  19. IT WORKS! Thanks guys!!!

    I figured out which screw it was (irremovable) I simply thought the diagram for the cd drive screw was a symbol that it was an irremovable screw. Silly me... Popped out the drive from my original laptop shell and popped the new old one in. The drive works fine now with no installation or drivers necessary as its identical!

    I now figure the cd drive or connections must have been damaged by some jostling be because the other one didn't even have the supposedly irremovable screw in it. I had bought this laptop online to use as parts originally, but found easiest to simply put my original hard drive into this identical model as my old mobo was fried by a massive winter static shock through the keyboard. Looked like a 1" lightning-bolt style zap from my fingertip.

    Thanks again for the help as it led me to diagnose the real issue a lot quicker than I would have on my own.
  20. Good to hear. Thanks for the update.
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  22. quite pleased i didn't try to sell or give away the remnants of my original laptop and had something to draw for spare parts
  23. Thanks for the vote :)
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