HI right now i have sli'd 9800GTXs on the evga x58 mobo with an i7 940. I was thinking about using evgas step up program to the gtx285, 285 ftw, 295. But my question is, is it realy worth it. Should i just upgrade to tri sli 980gtxs and have the boasting power of saying i run tri sli or should i w8 till the directx 11 cards come out?
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  1. Go with one more 9800GTX for now and wait for a new generation of Nvidia cards to come out. The third card will act as a PhysX card, when PhysX is used otherwise tri-SLI , and you will be happy with the results.
  2. Stay put for now, wait it out. The Ati revisions are on the way, and prices will shift. Personally I'd wait till the next gen to make a decision:)
  3. VS the go out and look up some reviews
  4. I'd use the stepup before it expires, no reason not to. Get 2xgGTX 285 if its not too much money

    2x GTX285> GTX295> GTX 285
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