AMD 7000+ series CPUs in older AM2 slots?


I have bought an AMD 7750 Black Edition CPU, which states that it is for am2+ socket motherboards.

However, I intend to put it in my Abit KN9 Ultra am2 motherboard (not am2+).

I have been trying hard to find out if this combination will work, but I have only been further and further confused by what I've found.

Lots of articles that I have read state that am2+ CPUs are 100% backwards compatible with am2 sockects.

However, I have also read reports of am2+ phenom CPUs not working in am2 slots, and seeing as the 7750 is basically a variant of phenom as I understand it this makes me worry.

Furthermore, I believe that new BIOS updates are often required to allow the board to identify and use the correct (different) voltages for the am2+ CPUs. However, there has been no new BIOS for my motherboard since 2006/7. In light of this fact, is it safe to assume that although the sockets should be backwards compatible, the newer CPU will not work in my older socket?

Also, I have read reports of people either changing the bios settings from its configuration screens to use the correct settings and voltages for the new CPUs, and that this works. I have also read of people making their own hacked versions of BIOS with the correct settings and the ability to recognise the chips.

So my question is what is the best thing for me to do with this new CPU, freshly delivered and boxed. Should I send it back and get a more expensive 6000+ which is am2 and a safer option? Should I assume that the chip will work first time, straight out of the box? Should I assume that the machine will post boot with the new CPU, but will then require BIOS configuration which could be tricky and risk damaging the board or chip? Or should I look for and trust a hacked BIOS version for phenoms and expect that to work instead? Or maybe there is an option that I haven't thought of...

Any advice is much appreciated. This whole am2 am2+ thing as got me very confused.
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  1. Well, all I know is, even if your CPU manages to work properly, you won't be able to maximize the CPU. I wouldn't be afraid of actually trying things out, since the motherboard and CPU lock up in case something's wrong. But I wouldn't recommend it.

    Why not just get a compatible motherboard? Can you afford a new one?
  2. I can't really afford a new one, no. I'd rather buy a am2 compatible CPU instead I think, as a replacement mobo would probably be about £100.

    I emailed abit a week ago about this, but they haven't yet replied.

    Trouble is, if I open the CPU and test it then I can't return it and it will have been a very expensive experiment.

    I'm still not quite sure what to do.

    What do you mean that it won't maximize the CPU? Why not?

    Thanks for your reply :)
  3. I also had the same processor. In fact, i am planning to use a am2+ socket based mobo. If you install the Kuma processor in the am2 socket, it won't give you the additional features of am2+.

    What is your priority??

    If standard and light gaming, choose the 780G to 790GX. Comes with IGP. 3200HD for 780G and 3300HD for 790GX. About less than USD 160.00

    If medium tasking to high performance, choose the 790X to 790FX which is a high performance chip. Above USD 180.00

    If you were a fan for nvidia: (Prices are not sure)

    light - below 750a chipset

    medium to high - 780a chipset

    some the nvidia chipset do come with IGP like Geforce 8200 and 8300.
    Try to check it.
  4. I still don't really know if this processor will work with my motherboard!

    I have this CPU in a box - is it worth opening it? Is it likely to work?

  5. The only thing I could come up with was this cpu support list for your motherboard, the 7750 is not on it.
  6. Its not listed but you could always try, or if you could get a AMD X2 6000+ or a 5600+ that would probably be definitely compatible.
  7. Anony, what I meant was, even if your CPU works on your motherboard, you won't be able to get all of its computing power, since your older motherboard would be a bottleneck.

    Can you return your CPU? Maybe you can get something that's also powerful yet more compatible—the suggestions here are good ones to start from.
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