How to overclock Asus P5BW

Hello, i wanted to overclock my E6300, 1.86Ghz processor but my Asus P5BW bios don't have the overclocking bios settings on it can you guys help me.....
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  1. If it doesn't have any overclocking BIOS settings then I'm afraid you'll have to use Windows based software, something like SetFSB. Make sure that you have a decent aftermarket heatsink so it does not overheat either.
  2. Hello again SetFSB did not work for my motherboard. Anymore ideas please, anyway to flash the bios and where to download it???
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    I don't know if HP (it's an Asus board built for HP apparently) provides any BIOS updates.
  4. Well.... i have another Intel motherboard, I'll have to switch computers and tell you the model but it has the overclocking bios on it but the problem is that i have to get some Thermal paste first because i'm going to switch the processor.
  5. Alright. Make sure that the board supports the CPU.
  6. I well be showing you the info about my other motherboard
  7. i overclock the Intel celeron D 3.06GHz to 3.49GHz or 3.51GHz on the other motherboard. this is a roff work on screen

    Overclock Mode CPU,PCIE Sync
    CPU Frequency (MHz) 152
    PCIE Frequency (MHz) 114

    So i wander what wood happing if i put in the dual core?
  8. It may set the dual core CPU to work at those settings or something similar. I'd set it back to defaults before putting the new dual core CPU in.

    Just make sure your motherboard supports it.
  9. Ok but i still need some thermal paste.
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  11. I did it the E6300 core 2 duo overclock to 2.54GHz and thats the maximum.!!!!
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