Best hardrive?

Just a question which hardrive brand have you generally considered the most reliable?
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  1. Speaking from personal experience i've never had a Seagate fail. Have 5 of them and one is quite old pre 2000.
    Tried WD and both failed won't bad mouth them though cuz one was old 2003 and the other brand new.
    Just bad luck with the new one it happens.
  2. Seagate no objective reason other than maybe their longer warranty
  3. Most of my HDDs are Seagate and have worked very reliably; some for over 4 years.

    Western Digital is also just as good.

    Don't have enough data (no pun intended) on other brands.

    Therefore, go with price, or flip a coin.
  4. Seagate used to be up there with the best, but the 7200.11 series was a disaster. The .12s are doing quite a bit better though, so they could be a good choice. WD has also been great recently, although the extremely large capacity (>1TB) drives seem to fail at a higher rate than the smaller ones just from the data I've seen.
  5. Stick to smaller one's. From WD.
    Although i read reviews that Hitachi and Samsung drives are quite good in performance, but since the HDD users of them are less can quite have enough info on their reliability!
  6. I'm a fan of WD blacks. Hitachi's have been found most reliable in multiple studies done by data centers.
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