I just purchased a Crucial RealSSD C-300 64GB (SATA 6GB) drive and the Asus P7P55D-E MB wich also supports the SATA 6GB connection. I'll be running Win 7 64 Pro, should I run this drive in IDE Mode or AHCI? I'm thinking you only get Command Queing in AHCI? And what about TRIM support is that a funtion of the OS? Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. ACHI.

    TRIM is part of Windows 7, so it should "update" itself.

    Be aware, some SATA Optical Drives don't work in ACHI, IDE only. So if you have differnet port setttings, use accordingly. But try it first.
  2. Def go with ACHI, I have the same drive as you but on a sata 2 board and was getting 215 seq write speeds, then made the switch in the registry and my bios to ACHI and it jumped to 270 seq writes. I'm about to go with a sata 3 board to get the full benefit of the 355 read speeds of the crucial.[/ CVN-76 GOD SPEED!
  3. SSDs performance is better in AHCI and Trim cmd (Win 7 only) is only supported currently in AHCI mode, although I believe there is an update so that trim cmd will work when setup is set to raid as long as the SSD is NOT a part of the Raid array.

    As foscooter indicated some DVD drives have a problem with AHCI - Myself, I put my Blu-ray writer and the DVDRW drive on my 2nd controller
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