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Good morning all! I was given an HP 7600 convertible minitower, and want to upgrade a few of it's components. I've upgraded RAM and bought a video card for it, and would like some help on finding a CPU for it. The board itself is an LGA775, I'm pretty sure at least... so I bought an intel dual core 2.6 (LGA775) and when I put it in computer, it would not power on... the fans would start to spin, but it would then shut down immediately without posting anything. When I put the old single core CPU (HP standard) it works fine... so I'm wanting to know if I have a bad CPU, or if it isn't compatible. Here is a link to HP's site that has detailed specs on the computer, and I hope someone out there can help me figure out what I need to buy to upgrade this to a dual core. Thanks!!

Here is the link to the 7600 parts:

This is the CPU I bought that did not work:

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  1. Because of old age and impending dementia I may not be certain, but with some versions of the Intel 945G Express chipset you may be limited to an e2xxx microprocessor.

    edit: subject to, of course, any HP BIOS limitations
  2. most of the time your smarts are the alst thing to go in dementia, common sense dies first :)

    So is there a way for me to check those HP limitations?
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