Can't boot from disc but can read disc once in windows

I'm trying to install a fresh copy of windows on my computer. It will read the retail windows 7 disc to install if I do the upgrade which I went a head and did. I really want to wipe to drive and get rid of the partitions that are useless now and do a clean install but every time I try to get the computer to boot from the cd it will not. I've checked the boot order 5 times over and even tried another disc drive. Each time it attempts to boot from the disc but gives an error that goes by too fast to read. Does anyone have any ideas?
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  1. First, disable auto restart. That way, if you're getting a BSOD or something, you should be able to see it.
    start-->control panel-->system and security-->system-->advanced system settings-->settings-->uncheck the box to 'automatically restart.'

    Then get into the boot menu, and disable all the other boot devices. That should force it to boot from the DVD, or not at all.
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