Can i upgrade my processor ?

I have a HP Pavilion 8505, year 1999 model. It's having a Pentium III 450 Mhz clock and 100 Mhz FSB cpu. It's a Katmai Slot 1 SECC2 processor.
I want to upgrade the cpu to 800 Mhz. But i think katmai CPUs have max 600 Mhz clock rate. Will 800 Mhz Coppermine be compatible with my ASUS P2B-VT Motherboard having Intel 440BX Chipset ? If no, then would upgrading the RAM from 192 mb to 384 mb (max possible) improve the system performance instead of the above mentioned cpu upgrade ?
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  1. Honestly the ram would probably give you the most benefit. However I wouldn't invest to much into this system unless you REALLY need to. I think it's time to replace it. I personally wouldn't upgrade this pc unless you got parts for the super low price of, FREE. As far as the CPU, you will want to check ASUS's website, if they still post this information. If I remember correctly, doesn't the coppermine use a 133MHz bus. That might be a limiting factor if your mobo does not support it.
  2. Basically i'm upgrading this pc for improving the internet surfing(cos' browser is working slow), a lot of downloading and also some applications sometimes takes 30 sec - 1 minute to start up.
    Does a change from 450 Mhz to 800 Mhz Cpu clock would improve the above or the RAM upgrade from 192 MB to 384 MB or Both?
  3. I think the RAM would be a better upgrade because you are probably making your RAM already and using virtual memory. So your hard drive is going nuts reading and writing to the page file. More RAM would be able to minimize this a little. Granted, BOTH would help. But I'd vote for RAM. If you know some IT people, they probably have piles of PC100 or PC133 memory sitting around. I know I have a stack at my work desk.
  4. I agree with jay, unless the parts are free dont bother with either , but the memory will be a better path before the processor, if you have 192 memory installed it sounds like the onboard graphics share is 64mb, try turning that to 8mb in the bios and free up a little more ram for the os, this is an instant quick fix for and extra 46mb that will help a little, also what os are you using on the pc?
  5. I'm using Win XP Professional SP3
  6. Can someone tell me What is a slocket ? And can i use it ?
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