Safe OC for Radeon 5770

What is a safe core and memory overclock setting for the radeon 5770?

My current settings are:

Core 900Mhz

Memory 1200Mhz
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  1. Each chip overclocks differently, and higher clocks be quite easily achieved. You might need to adjust voltage for higher clocks, and make sure that artifacts do not appear while you're gaming and make sure the GPU does not overheat.
  2. I read a post on here a guy put his to 960/1400 as soon as he got it and its fine, mine wont play past 950/1250 though, but thats done through CCC, 10.7 release
    Good luck and let us know what you end up with on yours man,
  3. iv got mine at 1050 core 1350mem. at stock air cooling. but this is with increased Voltage usin afterburner. just keep it below 90C at 100% usage. for most i hear you dont wanna go above 1300-1350 on the Mem. or at least for me i got a gray screen during games
  4. I say keep it below 75, max 80C., mine it is at 900 core with 1300 mem. I do not see the need to go higher.
    I can run 960 core and 1350 mem perfectly stable with no voltage increase.
  5. I guess you got the SOC from Gigabyte.

    Well... I got mine to 950, 1300 and GPU voltage had to move it to 1.12 (only increased 0.01 since for some reason it didnt work with stock volt, only the GPU volt btw, the mem volt is @ stock), temps were in the worst case at 72-73°C (tested with some benchs). I want just test it with crysis today (I O.C. it just yesterday at night) to see how bad it goes after 1-2hrs of game.
  6. I second the 80C limit. You should most likely be able to reach your GPU's maximum OC and still keep it under 80C @ full load.
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