How can I remove Windows 7?

I had windows 7 installed on a hard drive. I then did a fresh install of windows XP on that same drive and it said it would format the drive, however, all of the programs that I had installed as well as win 7 files all still show in the directory tree. Is there a way to get rid of these files without reinstalling XP?

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  1. Why would you want to go back to an obsolete system? I love Windows 7 and it runs great on my netbook with a gig of ram and an atom 1.6ghz cpu. You could just delete the windows 7 folder that hosts all of the windows 7 files.
  2. It does not sound like XP actually formated the entire drive if all the Win 7 files are still there. The only true way to delete them is to format the entire drive. Deleting files manually is likely to leave a lot of leftover Win 7 crap.
  3. Great, that's what I was afraid of. It is a hard drive on my system for my son to play his steam games on. He was not able to get them to work on Windows 7 so I took it back to XP. Now that he has reinstalled all his games he tells me that he noticed all the windows 7 stuff is still on the drive!!!
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