Unlocked Phenom II 555 Temperatures...Help!

Hello, I recently unlocked the two other cores on my Phenom II X@ 555 CPU and when running Prime95 my CPU temperature gets up to around 62C and my motherboard temp is around 43C. Is this too hot or what are safe temps to see on this CPU when running Prime95? I am currently running the stock heatsink. Please Help, Thanks.
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  1. 62C is the exact maximum temp for the CPU you really want to stick under 55C. You should be OK until you can get a better cooler.
  2. about the same as mine. unlocked CPUs can run hot (its often a reason they have cores disabled)

    you can try lowering the vCore, but thats likely only going to make the CPU unstable.

    do you have a decent cooler? if not, get one. if yes, get a better one.
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