My usb flash drive doesnt work in any computer

I think my USB flash drive is dead... I've put it into many computers and nothing even comes up (it doesn't even light up on the actual stick). Is there some way I can retrieve all my data so I can save it to my desktop and get another USB to save it on? Please give me some good news!!
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  1. Is there any physical damage to the drive? Is the plastic enclosure loose? If so you could try to "snug" up all the connections by wrapping it in a tight layer of tape.

    If there is no obvious physical defect, then you'll likely need to seek the services of a professional data recovery data company.

    Good Luck -

  2. Plug in the flash drive. Slowly and somewhat gently move it side to side. Listen for the ding dong of windows picking up the drive.

    There are some prongs that are soldered onto a chip inside the flash drive. It's what provides the connection from the chip to the metal tip. Often, those soldered prongs break loose of the chip. You can plug in the drive, and hold those prongs down to make a connection. Once windows picks up the drive, copy off everything that's on it.
  3. Thank you very very much Aford10. I've been looking for an hour and yours is the first good advice I found. You just saved some very important work. I hope you see this.
  4. what if i already tried those ideas Aford10 but unfortunately nothing happened. there's no sound at all when i plug in the usb to any computer, no detection, no usb recognition.. oh pls help.. :(
  5. use another USB divices, good luck
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