H50 for Intel i5/i7

Hey guys,

I'm wondering what would offer the best cooling and performance for an Intel i5/i7 with no OC'ing.

This rig is for surfing the web, email, music, serious gaming, and homework.

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  1. H50 is really good and perfect for what you want.

    But if you can afford and imo only if you overclock, then get H70.
  2. The H50 should be fine. I have first hand experienced with H50 + i7 930. I was able to get it to run at 4Ghz w/o any problem.

    So for you w/o OC it should be more than enough and suggest that you check you're local retail stores because last week I saw it was on sale for $49 =)
  3. Have you guys noticed any significant temperature differences between this and mid-range air-coolers (heatsinks)?
  4. Well, just before I got my H50, I had been using a friend's Core Contact Freezer, which, though it's not the best, is within 2 degress of the title. Switching to the H50 from that, I was able to push my Xeon from 3.6 to 3.8GHz, and temperatures were still between 8 and 10 degrees C lower.

    Your results will vary, depending on your exact hardware, case (I have an open bench station), ambient temperatures, etc, but it is a worthy and quiet investment.

    Edited for numbers.
  5. Interestingly, I just read an article on the H50 here at Tom's, but now the news article is gone. I clicked it in my History and it says it can't find the page anymore. I guess Tom's took it down for some reason.

    Anyway, the conclusion it reached is that an H50 is not as good as a big air cooler. The main reason is that it uses a single 120 rad. If it had a double 120 rad then it would be way better.

    But, it's not bad by any means. I guess if you run a push-pull it would help quite a bit.
  6. ^Correct. For what it is worth, its decent, at best. I think there is a version of the the H50 that actually had a 220 rad, but I think it was a boutique system builder's joint venture type of deal. For the money, I'd stick with a good aftermarket air cooler before dropping money on an H50 or H70.
  7. As the proud owner of an H50 on a phenom IIx4 965BE i found it to be a decent cooler. I managed to drop full load temps down by 9 degress just by adding another fan for a push-pull effect on the radiator and adding another exaust fan to my case.
  8. Here's the article (last page):


    and a quote from it:

    "At only $80, it’s difficult to exclude the H50 from our recommendations, but its performance level is not what we'd consider exceptional, either. We’d choose it for situations where a 120 mm semi-remote radiator fits, but a 6.25” air-cooling tower doesn’t, or whenever additional space it required around the CPU socket. Otherwise the big air coolers provide better overall value. The $50 FORT120’s performance advantage is offset by its far higher noise levels compared to the $40 True Spirit."

    The H70 is supposed to be better - haven't seen a review yet.

    HOWEVER, a word of caution. I recently lost a cpu to heat when a sealed liquid cooler's pump failed, but the fan still worked. The mobo did not know it was inoperable, but quickly shut down due to heat. I couldn't immediately tell that the cooler wasn't working, because the fan spun. So I cooked my cpu while looking for reasons for the shut down.

    My fault? I suppose so, at least in part. However, I personally won't buy (or install) another sealed liquid cooler until they shut down the fan (or in some other way signal the mobo) when the pump fails.
  9. H50 should do the job for your I-cpre cpu.

    My CPU temp was 7 to 8 degree lower with H50. The other benefit is elimination of ~ 800grams of huge air coolers. Reduction of weight, and availability of space on the CPU area.

    Majore reduction in noise is another. I can hear my hard drive sound now after replacing my Zalman cooler with H50
  10. Ok, so I'm aiming for an i5 LGA 1156 CPU, so what would be a good choice for the heatsink?
  11. The same article I linked above said the Cogage True Spirit was cooler and quieter than the H50. Google it, and you will find many reviews showing its strong, quiet performance.

    Here's a link that includes the bracket you need for 1156 support:

  12. Are there any other options? Because I would like to order all my parts from one local retailer because they offer discounts, and the True Spirit is an old product, and they said they've deactivated it from their sales.

    Thanks anyways!
  13. There's plenty of options, just depends how much you can spend.

  14. Haha, I was looking at the Scythe Orochi, the dang thing takes up half the mobo!
  15. ^ damn right man 8/

    Guys i don't understand how motherboard stays intact. Help me a bit.

    For example the v8 or v10, pretty big aren't they. now see if they are mounted on mb and mb is on tower, doesn't the nearly 1kg weight puts extreme 24/7 load on mb?

    | |
    | ٧ 0.8g or 1kg weight

    Sorry for crappy drawing :p. Wont it crack the mobo? or what about continuous pull of weight effects in long term?
  16. Yes, continued strain can warp the motherboard, but I don't think I've heard of one actually breaking.

    In my opinion, if I had a CPU cooler that weighed that much, I wouldn't even chance it, and find a way to have the motherboard sit flat. There are tons of people that have these coolers mounted perpendicular and are just fine, I'm just saying that I wouldn't trust it.
  17. lorenzol said:
    Are there any other options? Because I would like to order all my parts from one local retailer because they offer discounts, and the True Spirit is an old product, and they said they've deactivated it from their sales.

    Thanks anyways!

    Read up on Scythe SCMG-2100 Sleeve CPU Cooler , as it seems it would be perfect for you, and is right behind the best of air coolers in performance, while costing only half.
  18. If the mobo is properly secured in the case, there's not really any chance of it even bending, let alone snapping. It would only snap if it's bent a large degree.
  19. Should I use those ties things which come with the case to hold up the fans against something?
  20. lorenzol said:
    Ok, so I'm aiming for an i5 LGA 1156 CPU, so what would be a good choice for the heatsink?

    If you're not planning on overclocking a CM Hyper TX3 will do just fine and is an improvement over stock.
    Another option is the CM Hyper 212+ which is better then the TX3 and is a full size cooler/w120mm fan.
    Both of these units are very affordable.
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus Cooler
    Hyper TX3 92mm HP CPU Cooler
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