Mobo question?

Hello, I have heard that you can get a PCI-E x16 w/ Slots for DDR3 memory, PCI expantion slots and Socket AM2 for 40 Dollars?!?!

I've also heard that you should never go for the cheap motherboard and if the price is too good to be true, it probobly is.

Is all this true, could I get that kind of a mobo for 40/50 dollars!?!?

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  1. No. There isn't any AM3 motherboards for $40, DDR3 only available on AM3 motherboards.
  2. O.K. DDR2, but is it true that you should never buy a cheap motherboard when im done building my computer, and my system crashes because the mobo is a piece of crap, I wont be happy could you point me tword a link for a few options please.

    I just need something with PCI-E 16, Socket AM2, DDR2 support, PCI expantion slot"s", and SLI compatability.

    my budget for JUST the

    mobo is 0/100 Dollars but I prefer something cheaper. (saving up for an x4 Phenom :) )

    please help me soon.

  3. Well the cheapest SLI capable AMD board would the be the 750a. From newegg this Zotac is about your price range: $95

    I've never worked with SLI AMD boards, so I don't know how well this motherboard is.
  4. For standard non overclocking use, a cheap motherboard is fine, as long as it comes from a reputable company. Asus, gigabyte, MSI, and asrock are some of my favorites.
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