Soud I go for Intel or AMD for my new processor?

I know if your a fan of one you will tell me to get the one you like, but on a statistical basis, which should I go for I'm buy a new mobo and need to pick one icores look SO good, but i fell in love with the phenom also :love:
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  1. Um if you're getting a new processor then you have to stick with the motherboard socket that you have..... so um, are you building a computer then?
  2. I personally like AMD for price/performance (ie value). Phenom II processors rock, a triple core 720 should suffice for gaming if on a budget, if not the quad core 955 is a great CPU (more of a future proof option than an actual need).
    The i7 are the best CPUs, but their cost together with motherboard and DDR3 memory, may be too expensive. I don't feel anyone who does not use their computer for proffessional uses (extensive 3d rendering, video editing, etc) actually needs an i7, and you could use the money you save on a better graphics card if you intend to use the Pc for gaming.
  3. Are you upgrading a current motherboard/computer setup or building a new one?
  4. Sanchz said it best.
  5. I'm building a new computer and i'm deciding on a mobo
  6. whats it for?

    gaming other than FSX then look the P2 955's way, FSX and or other apps look core i5's way if you can wait that long.
  7. Depends on what you will use it for as well a what budget you have
  8. the i7 is best.if budget is that much
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