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Each time I try to start a game my PC freezes immidiatly (Black screen, no sound, keyb locks, only HDD led stays active)
I bumped into masses of forum threads from people facing gamefreezes but most of them can play for a few minutes or the sound keeps playing.

My Equipment:
-Win 7 x64 Ultimate
-i7 CPU920
-Gfx: Geforce GTX285
-3x2GB 1600MHz DDR3 (corsair)

What I've tried so far:
-reinstalled Vista x64 from scratch (to eliminate OS issues)
-reinstalled Windows x64 from scratch
-Used my old Gfx Card Geforce 8800 GTS (to eliminate GFX card issues)
-Used other memory
-Tried 11 diferent versions of NVIDIA drivers

Nothing so far fixed the problem

Any Ideas to solve this before I demolish my PC?

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  1. A particular game, or any game?
  2. With all games.
    I guess it's DirectX related
    Last games tested were DemiGod & Badlands.
  3. I'll throw in a bit of a long shot, but perhaps it's your power supply? Drivers are obviously not the problem, nor is it the video card or ram itself, plus with the OS reinstall you mentioned... PSU appears to be the only thing you haven't looked at thus far.
  4. I just created a dual boot system by adding Windows 7 x86 and guess what?
    The games (Borderlands & COD Modern Warfare 2) work fine under the 32bit OS edition and not the 64bit.

    But I don't like to switch between x86 & x64 for gaming.
    I also want to code for Directx which also fails in the x64 edition.

    Why invest in a 64bit hard- & software if half of it doesn't work?
  5. Modern Warfare 2 works under 7 x64 for me... so it can and does work. It must be something about your system. Have you checked your power supply yet?
  6. No I haven't? I don't have a spare power supply atm.
    It is weird that it could be the power supply because it works with the 32bit OS version with the same power supply?
    But at least it worth a try.
  7. Other power supply didn't help.
    I switched to Windows 7 32bit which works like a charm.
  8. make sure you are installing 64 bit drivers .and let me say this again, we need more 64 bit support....
  9. damian86 said:
    make sure you are installing 64 bit drivers .and let me say this again, we need more 64 bit support....

    I think we have already had it for some time, though you are right on at least one level.... more is always better in this case.

    It has to be something we have all overlooked... i'm still not convinced driver support is the issue here. I've heard very few complaints from others about x64 versions of 7 experiencing seemingly random freezes... It's got to be something very subtle that either the OP has failed to mention thus far (not that i'm blaming the OP for this), or that has been mentioned, but seemed so insignificant that no one paid closer attention.

    For instance, my desktop system seemed to be doing exactly the same thing, until I realized I had a bad SLI bridge connector. I replaced the connector and the freezing stopped instantly. It took me about 2 months to figure it out though... and the only reason I figured it out, was because I removed the connector when attempting to fix the problem by reseating both of my GTX 295 cards. When I put everything back together, I did not re-attach the SLI bridge. The freezing stopped. When I saw the bridge sitting on the table where I had left it several days earlier, I put it back in and the freezing started again within 2 hours. That's when I caught on to what was happening.
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