Questions. (I'm a noob)

Right I know what overclocking is.......... (I think :??: ) Its where you make a CPU/GPU work better than its meant to BUT it uses more power and gets hotter, quicker. Is that right?

Anyway I had a few questions (be nice, I'm a noob)

1) How do you overclock exactly. Is it done on the computer or is a physical thing you do on the motherboard or something?

2) I'm getting a tri core CPU for my new build and ive heard about people saying you can unlock a "fourth core." How is this done? I thought tri cores only had 3 cores? What are the benefits? Does it have the same effect as overclocking?

3) Is it safe to do? I'm a first time "builder," how much is there that can go wrong? Is it worth the risk?

Sorry for all the questions but I want to learn more about this as Overclocking is something I know nothing about.

Any answers will be greatly appreciated :D
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  1. dont wanna be rude, but U can find detailed answers to all your questions in the forums of toms'hardware. if u miss any answer, there is always Mr. Google.
  2. ^ yeah quite literally, search "overclocking *component* guide" and you'll find many how-tos...

    But anyway, overclocking a CPU should be done through the BIOS while GPU OCing is generally done through applications like MSI Afterburner, or you can BIOS flash the cards to run at a higher clock all the time.

    Yes they heat up more and use more power, but it's not a ton. Actually you can usually do mild overclocking without touching voltages and then you won't even really be using more power or adding more heat - at least not by much.

    Unlocking the 4th core can only be done on certain models of CPUs by AMD, because they are in fact quad cores but have 1 core disabled so they can sell at a lower price or something. I've heard that it's not 100% successful, and with it enabled it's sometimes a bit of a gimped core and can't OC as much, but still... it's doable. Generally there's just an option in the BIOS to unlock it so it's quite easy.

    It's safe if you do it carefully. Do not exceed the specification limitations set by the manufacturers. Keep temps as low as you can. Do research on the parts you want to overclock. Test your system for stability.
  3. Unlocking the fourth core may or may not work. A tri-core is basically a crippled quad core with one of the CPU cores disabled. Depending on why AMD disabled it, you may or may not be able to unlock it.
  4. ^ why is that?
  5. There are two reason that AMD might disable a core: 1. core number four is bad or 2. they need more three core cpu's, so they disable a perfectly good 4 core one. I don't know if demand is such that they have to do the second option much if at all, but if the first is done then the bad core may just be partly unstable, and so still useable if not saleable.

    @ the OP - for an AMD CPU an easy way to get into overclocking is the AMD overdrive software that they supply. It provides monitoring and testing facilities, as well as the ability to overclock with a gui and apply the settings without a reboot.
  6. ^ Thats what i was thinking. this means that they can make so called bad quad cores into tri core which is new league cuz there's no tri core Intel, and make profit outa them. clever yeah. This means that they didn't actually made tri core processors, just took bunch of quads and disabled 1 core and made a new product? or am i wrong?
  7. You're exactly right. They don't have any actual three core dies as far as I know. Actually, I don't think that it is efficient to make CPUs with any number of cores that doesn't fit nicely in a rectangle.
  8. elel, it's not.

    No, Intel takes a slightly different approach. First, their original quad cores were actually 2 pre-tested dual core dies "glued" together in the same package. If a Q9000 chip failed some of the tests, but still worked, Intel sold it as a slower Q8000 chip.

    The E7000 chips and the new dual-core E6000 series are crippled Wolfdale chips.

    It's all about yield. Getting a chip salable at any price is better than junking it.
  9. Sorry for going off topic op :D.

    ^ So you mean to say E7500 is crippled product :/. What about E8 series?
  10. I think crippled product is a poor choice of word (though not really incorrect) it just didn't meet the spec it could have done as I am sure Intel new a large number would not.
    As for AMD core unlocking all Phenom II chips are made 4 core even if they are dual or tri. Athlon x 3s can also unlock to 4 core (and sometimes unlock L3 cache) but I think have less of a chance, Athlon x 2s can never unlock as they are built as dual. I have also heard of someone unlocking a semperon to a dual core Athlon.
  11. jsc said:
    elel, it's not.

    Not which?
    Sorry if I made a mistake
  12. hi.. im a lil new at overclocking and after reading a ton of stuff online i OC'd my rig abt a couple of weeks back.. my system specs are...

    Processor: Intel dual core e7400 2.80 @ 3.41 ghz (325x10.5)
    Mobo: Gigabyte g31m-es2l
    Gpu: Nvidia 8400GS OC'd @ 700/500/1725
    Ram: Kingston 4GB (2GBx2) 800Mhz @ 975 mhz
    PSU: Iball 230VAC 50/60Hz

    the rig is on stock cooling.. case is opened 24x7
    Prime Blend test heats the processors to about 68C max normally its at abt 37C idle and under max gaming load hits 60-62C

    iv changed the Vcore setting in my MIT to 1.30000 tho i had it running at 1.29 before without any stability issues...

    my question is this... what exactly do the Vcore settings do? my Cpu-z & RealTemp readings rarely go over 1.284V and the voltage thing is set to auto in the bios.. ive only changed the Vcore voltage from the 1.285 to 1.3 i dont really see much of a change in performance and the temperatures are pretty much the same.. should i tinker with the vcore settings if my system runs stable?

    Another question was that im planning on getting arctic ice 5 and a small fan to blow air into the case as it is perma open.. so are my cpu temp's okay? or should i go in for additional cooling?

    If there is any additional information needed please let me know and i'll post it asap
  13. Hey, para, try clicking on the 'ask the community' button on the top of this page and coppying your post into there. It will allow you to start your own thread and get a lot more responses.
  14. ah ok thanks XD.. just joined the forum 2day so didnt really know :D
  15. That's totally ok :)
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