New SSD questions.

I just bought a Kingston 64GB SSD Drive and I'm wondering if just sitting it inside my computer is okay. It's just sitting there plugged in on a ledge in my computer by one of the intake fans.

Also, the only thing I did was unplug my old hard-drive and swap it with the new SDD and install a fresh OS on it. It's working great, there's nothing else I need to do it correct?
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  1. I personally would at least use some tape to secure the SSD. It'll work just sitting there, but if your case gets knocked over then it will bounce around and that could potentially damage or something else.

    If you're using Windows 7 then you should be all set, it will automatically recognize it as an SSD and set itself accordingly.
  2. I am running Windows XP Professional 64-Bit
  3. In that case for best performance you should use partitioning software that can align the partitions on 64-sector boundaries, you should leave something like 10-20% of the drive unused so that there's plenty of room for the drives' garbage collection strategy to work, and perhaps once a month or so you should manually run the manufacturer's optimization program to release unused space on the drive.
  4. Could you give me a name of a software that does that? I wasn't aware SSD managed its space differently than a regular hard drive.
  5. Quote:
    Youll be just fine they are alot more durable than standard hard drives. I'm waiting on a new case to come out to mount mine better. Getting a NZXT Phantom case as soon as they release here any day now. They have actual brackets in the case for ssd drives.

    lol nice pic! how long has that SSD been running like that?
  6. soldier37 - quitoman stated he is running win XP not win 7. using AHCI is still a valid recommendation, but still no Trim cmd.

    On alignment of partition when using XP.
    You can either download Diskpar or Diskpart (both are command line tools). Diskpart is newer of the two and is more capable. However, Diskpar displays alignment properties in bytes, while Diskpart displays alignment properties in kilobytes. So if you really want to use Diskpart, you need to download Diskpar as well to be able to confirm that your partition really is properly aligned.
    End quote.
    Extract from:

    Diskpart is newer version of Diskpar. I tend to prefer the older version with it's switches
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