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I'd like to be able to use AMD Overdrive to overclock but I can't. I'm able to do overclocking in BIOS without a problem. I would just like to use Overdrive so I can only overclock when gaming and not have to reboot.

The problem is that I can't adjust the cpu core multipliers upward. This is on a 955 BE and a Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H motherboard. I'm able to adjust voltages however. I can adjust the multiplier lower but it caps out at the highest speed I'm currently running which at 3.2Ghz the multiplier is 16x. This is the same with the green button pressed so the outline is red which turns off Cool & Quiet I believe. I'm sure it is something easy I'm missing but it's driving me nuts that I can't figure it out.

Yes, I'm in Advanced mode btw and I've referred to all the online guidelines about Overdrive I could find before posting.

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  1. mpster,
    I have the same cpu and mobo as you.
    I am assuming that you are in performance control and clock/voltage.
    Sorry I am just now reading this, but I believe c1e or something else needs to be disabled in bios to get a value greater than 16x for cpu multi.
    I may not get back until morning, but if you have not yet, download amd od manual from amd site. Also, check ga890gpa-ud3h manual. In the bios section, I believe Gigabyte has it outlined there for amd od specifically.
    I also have a 550be on a Gigabyte 785 board and bios is a little bit different on each system.
    Again, I'll check back in the morning with more info.
    BTW, it's always something easy once you find the answer!
    You can also use Gigabytes Easy Tune 6 utility tuner tab, advanced mode, set.
    This can be done without any changes to the bios.
  2. I had the same problem. Just figured it out. Try using +/- instead of left and right keys. Hope this helps
  3. Disable the turbo frequency. An easy way to do this is to decrease the multiplier and then raise it again. AOD will then prompt you if you want to disable Turbo and click yes. Now you can raise the multiplier higher.
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