Witch Stupid temp Monitor?

Hay Guy's.

My E8400 was at an Idle of 47C to 50C in a 25C Room.

had Junk thermal Paste,Got some new stuff that MX-2 it went down to 44C

But Something is still Up!

Right now it's 18.8C in my room- CPU Temp

Nvidia System Monitor Says = 42C
Core temp Says = 34C
Real Temp says = 29C

Xigmatek HDT-S1283

CPU fan 100% = 1500RPM = 99CFM

My CPU is at Idle = 2.00 GHz

My GPU is at Idle = 32C

So witch on these Stupid Programs would you say are right?

EVGA 790i Ultra.

Thanks! For any Ideas!
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  1. Temp reading appz use different TJ Max setting. Some may have their TJ Max set at 95, others 100, etc; Don't stress over it, pick one (I personally use RealTemp) and forget about the others.
  2. OK, Thank you for your Time.

    I was thinking it was Right,It makes more since then he others,At 18C How could my CPU be 42C ??

    That don't make since.

    Thank you!
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