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Quick Question for the heatsink experts;

I had a Ninja (Scythe) revision B heatsink installed on my PC one my older PCs. I now have to replace the MoBO ; but how do you remove the silly thing. I never received a set of instructions. I have seen a few sites reviewing the product (its a tad old) but no actual instructions. It is a big squeeking thing so I have to be careful with it and I can see myself damaging the CPU (which I want to save) as it is hard to acess it and even after removing everything out of the case It would be hard fight to remove the MoBo from the case without removing it first.

This is why I stopped buying custom prebuilds 5 years ago..

Anyone have any experience with them?

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  1. You stopped buying custom prebuilts because they put much better cooling in it...............OK.

    Remove the fan(s) and you will see 4 round black posts (with a slit in them) at the base of the cooler. Take a screw driver and turn 1/4 turn counterclockwise to release each pin, then remove the heat sink.
  2. No, I stopped buying prebuilds as they often made it very hard to mod the system with odd installations; ive seen some systems built with power cables glued to MoBos (not mine thank god) and some just plain messy (and dangerous ) wiring. What annoyed me on this build (which i ordered in a rush to replace a dead system with a PhD dissertation due) was how badly the HSF was wedged in. Old news anyways as I build my rigs now.

    Ok thanks; I was not sure if those black caps were the screws or just covers - they were hard to see and reach. What I was also curious about is if there wasn't some kind of latch or if some kind of special unseating techniue was needed once the 4 screws were released.

  3. As above, turn the pins to unlock them.

    You might also find it easier to remove if the cpu is still warm from use. The thermal material will be softer.
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