DDR3 2200 RAM

Hey guys, I am probably going to get it for trying to put DDR3-2200 RAM in a board with a 775 socket and a P45 chipset, but that's what I'm doing, because the board says it can.

But, as a novice overclocker, I don't quite know all of the voltages and what they do.

MCH/ICH voltages?
CPU Reference/Termination?

Also, RAM timings? Lolwut?

Anything is helpful, thanks guys.
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  1. Yes, that is not sufficient information for us to help. If you don't know the voltages, how could we? Maybe 2.1V? or 1.9V

    Look at the stickers on the RAM, then match those values (frequency, latencies, and voltage) in the BIOS settings, save and exit BIOS, re-boot.
  2. Okay, obviously I phrased that wrong. I don't know ABOUT all of the voltages and what they do.
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