K8 npt data change ...and hangs?

Hi, Just asking for help.

k8npt data change..., update new data to DMI..., This is the screen that I see
when start my pc and freeze.

After done a dozen of test and changes recommended in other "forum" to resolve
this , I had failure to eliminate this message from screen when boot my PC. Is
there anyone that could tell which one may be the first or second cause, Mobo
or HDrive?

How can be tested?

Thanks a lot.

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  2. Try unplugging the hard drive and see if the system will start up and loadup system BIOS. If not, you may consider taking it to a local shop and having a tech look at it.
  3. I've had the same problem twice, both times after the system crashed for no apparent reason. The first time i tried to reboot several times, but only the next day the computer came back to normal. Before turning it on I made sure the sata cables were firmly connected, but being the computer turned off for several hours seemed more to be the solution.

    The second time, after trying the above without success, i went to the setup and disabled the option "cool&quiet", which didn't solve the problem. I still left it that way, cause i read somewhere it slowed the cpu down significantly. Then, I enabled "enable writing block protection" (or something like that), rebooted, and it worked. So far, the Windows crashes also stopped.
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