NB Frequency....vs HT Link frequency....

hey...i read a article that says that..the HT link frequency should not be higher then the NB frequency..well..mine r both right at 2000mghz...they r the this not good?...i mean..everything works great so i done something wrong?......

4 gb Corsair ddr3- 1600mhz

AM3 quad core athlon 2.8 propus(@3250.4mhz)...1.375v

bus speed 250.0 mhz

memory @8-8-8-24 1T..

Dram frequency-666.7 mhz(duel channel)

North Bridge frequency-2000.1 mhz

HT Link frequency-2000.1

Mainboard- MSI-770-G45
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    it's fine if they are the same (in fact you could say if you have a recent chip, it's normal), and most motherboards don't allow the HT to go higher than the NB
  2. cool.. cause, everything is real fast now compared to all the default settings....
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