Ok i just got back from work after reading an article that your memory can have an xmp setting which set it to default specs automatically. I thought that was a good idea since i never touched the memory since i put it in. So i went to bios set it to xmp. It restarted and booted up fine with the factory specs. 7-7-7-28-88. I went back in bios and changed the 88 to 71 as i heard that's a good base number for 1600 memory. Then i changed the command from t2 to t1 as i read that's where its suppose to be set. I booted up and windows wouldn't start. I went back in bios loaded defaults and booted up fine. Then i went back i bios and all i did was set the xmp setting. Didn't mess with the.command or anything else. It didn't boot at all just a black screen. I took off my case and manually reset my mobo......... nothing. Still a black screen. What happened!!!!

I currently have i7 950 processor
Evga x58 sli mobo
12 gigs ddr3 corsair 1600mhz memory
evga gtx 295 co op
WINDOWS 7 64-bit ultimate edition

Note: i did not add any increased voltages to anything during this process, so have no idea why it would do this
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  1. Sorry about the typing i'm currently doing this on my phone
  2. ok im on a laptop now, i was planning on purchasing new memory and mobo anyways, i just purchased some mushkin, and planning and getting a nice asus mobo. and 2 new graphics cards should be here today. just tell me its not anything to do with the processor or the hard drives!! : ( since the memory controller on the i7s is integrated on the processor
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