The fastest graphics card this psu can support...

whats the fastest video card from ati AND nvidia that this psu can support?

together with...
intel DG31PR mobo
intel e4600 proc
1x kvr800d2n6/2g ram (2gb)
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  1. I think you could get by with a HD 4670 as it draw power from the pci-E SLOT. A 9500gt requires 18A +12v and that is a lower performing card. I would suggest you get a decent quality power supply. 18a severely limits your options. Even with a 26-28a will just get you by with a lower mid level GPU. A 9800GTX only requires 24-26a +12v rail depending on model and factory OC. I would shoot for the best quality PSU you can afford as it is a good investment and increases your option dramatically.
  2. That's a pretty scary power supply, it would really be worth the money to upgrade it for a decent quality unit. I might run a HD4670 on it, but frankly i'd replace it a unit such as the Corsair 400w would power your system and allow a better graphic card and could be moved into a new system when you upgrade, all at a very affordable price $40
  3. I'd say 4830 or 4850 is a good max, mainly because its a generic brand your better off gong wih 4670.

    I mean I'm running a 280 GTX on a 430 Watt PSU, but its a good quality thermaltake.
  4. Looks like the OP hs read a few other posts. All the info we need neatly in place, for once;)
    As the others have said, the HD4670 would be the most powerful you could safely use.
  5. 25 dollars saying it blows up his new video card.
  6. hmm, im expecting a 4830 or a 9800gt as an answer. actually im using a 9800gt right now, and i even raise the factory default 600/1500/900 (clock/shader/memory) to 700/1875/1050 using riva tuner.

    the reason why i asked this because im planning to upgrade to a 4850 :)
  7. I think you miss the point...and you are basically asking for problems. Good luck to ya mate!
  8. what point am i missing? i didnt say im pushing through with it. im still planning. thats why i "asked" to make sure. also, i just told you the reason why i "asked". plus, im not arguing anyones reply here. i just said like "oh is that it? ok. oh well... i was expecting a 4830 or 9800gt as an answer" simply because im using one. im not like, "oh really? but.. blah blah blah"
  9. shiftstealth said:
    25 dollars saying it blows up his new video card.

    I'm in!
  10. 25 dollars saying it blows up his new video card.

    what does this mean?
  11. He means that new video card won't run on this psu.
    Get HD4670 and nothing better if you plan to stick with this psu.
  12. it means, your card is going to die from extended use of that PSU.
  13. A 4850 requires a 6 pin external power source... Does your PSU have one?

    You've been all over the internet, same question, and usually same answer. You really need a newer, better PSU. That Radius unit isn't even made any more. Full specs not available. No clue as to how old it is, but the P4 in the model name might be a clue. Hey, its your money, throw it away if you feel the need....
  14. i think not. cant an adapter solve that problem? cuz my 9800gt is on adapter. 6 pin to two 4 pins. those 4 pins actually just uses 3 pins. so 8 - 2 = 6.
  15. An upgrade from 9800gt to HD4850 is performance vice not worth the bother. ATI cards in that performance range have the tendency to pull more power than nvidia cards.
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