OC PhenomII x4 955 and GigaByte HD5770 SO

Hello guys.

Well the time has come to do this, as I was planing to O.C. my cpu from 3.2 to 3.7 changing mult only (not messing with voltage until I get a cooler), and Im also planing to OC my card but these are my questions.

First of all, since im a noob, which applications should I get to monitoring temps and in the future I should get in case I wanna mess with voltage? Where I could download them?

Gigabyte HD5770-SO comes with an application, does anyone have used it and could guide me a little bit with how to use it? I helped a friend to o.c. long time ago his two 9800GT from nvidia and I remember there was an utility/application to help with this. I dont remember well how we did it since it was like 4 years ago XD... Its the same as O.C. a cpu? like messing with voltage?

Thank you in advance and you guys are free to comment about anything that could help... and please, dont lol @me too loud XD....I wanna learn :).

EDIT: Ah also i was forgetting something... I bought DDR3 ram Ripjaws F3-12800CL8D-4GBRM that are DDR3-1600, Ill use them in a M4A87TD asus mobo (the usb3 one which only comes with 1 pciex16 slot). Ive read in some other post about the rams and stuff and in some ive read that the mobos recognize this kind of rams as 1333 (not this specifically, the 1600s ones) and they said that have to move the speeds... Do you guys know if this is truth or this is going to happen to my mobo and my ram? So sorry for all these questions, thanks again ^.^!
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  1. Ok Ive read some about the memory OC. Looks like if the mobo recognizes slower I just have to adjust the timings and Voltage to the default (the ones that comes on the package which means in this case CL 8 tRCD 8, tRP 8, tRAS 24 and voltage 1.6V, am I right? So far Ive read a little bit about and found that AMD utilities and CPU-Z are the ones that could help me... anything else besides this? please answer :'(
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