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I'm new here and looking for some advice, thanks in advance for any help.

In trying to decide on a spec for a reasonably priced laptop, for use with MS office / surfing; but also Autocad, mid level games (quake / C&C), and photoshop; i'm struggling with the choice of graphics card. I have two options; either a gaming type card such as nvidia 8700mGT / 9600mGT; or a card focussed on Open GL such as nvidia Quadro FX770m. (I have just chosen nvidia for this example as I know the range a little better, ATI would be just as good).

Part of the answer comes down to use, CAD or games - but I want it for both. (3d modelling / rendering of models will be limited)

Any advice on the performance, or pro's / con's, of the Quadro cards in games; or the Geforce cards in CAD would be appreciated.

typical spec i'm looking at
2.0-2.4 dual core
4gb ram
graphics card - query as above
15.4" (1440x1200)
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  1. budget?

    those 2 have better video cards a 9800gts or a 4850m i like the 4850m personally.

    on sorry the procesor is faster than your typical? lol
  2. The machine (laptop) as a whole; £800-£1000. I have looked an an Alienware m15x (their cheapest), Dell Precision, Dell XPS, and Toshiba F50. All in this prce range.
  3. oh poop you live in UK and you cant get it from newegg :(
  4. no the link worked - thanks; unfortunatly with the exchange rate and Gordon elustrious leadership !! 1600$ is a little steep.
  5. whats the conversion rate for us?
  6. £1 tis roughly 1.4$. So 1120$ ideal, up to 1400$. I have far to may hobbies to justify spending more for the use I will get out of it...... the age old problem of look what an extra 100$ buy's. if only.

    how ideal is that?

    for the extra 200 dollars more you spend you get a lot more than that out of it 1100 is bottom of the barrel for gaming on a laptop and they are all bad.

    the 4850 and the 2.53ghz cpu is worth it imo.
  8. That looks pretty smart.

    Am I right in saying the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4850 cards are games focussed; do you know how they handle Open GL focussed programs / Autocad?
  9. i dont now how well it will handle open GL but i know its like 2-3 gens ahead of everything else you were looking at.
  10. thanks for the help. much appreciated.
  11. yep yep does amazon ship to uk?

    theres your link if so.
  12. amazon uk, not always the same stock but I will give it a go.
  13. bleh its not in stock there.
  14. just looked. we have a similar spec machine slightly costlier with an AMD chip (which I want to avoid as Autocad has historically prefered intel floating points), and another with is nowhere near the same spec for a comprable cost.

    the search will go on.
  15. MSI GT725-074US NoteBook copy paste that in im sure you can find a website that has it.
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