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ok, I'll start with my goal. Upstairs we have our normal router. I call this the primary router. My parents connect to this wireless on there two laptops and desktop PC.

Recently I moved back home and moved into a room in the basement. I have my desktop PC that I need internet access on. All my slots are being used and i cant just slip a wireless card into my PC.

So I thought it would be easy to take one of the many routers my parents have sitting around and use it to connect to the "primary" router and use a cable to connect it to my PC and I'd have internet.

Like most things that sounds good to me and the old man on paper, but in reality, I dont have a clue what to do. I been trying for 8 hours and found many sites that get me close but it just doesnt seem to work.

The Primary router, upstairs is a Linksys WRT54G

The router I have in my room that im trying to get to connect to the WRT54G router is a Linksys WRT160N.

So how do I make it all work?
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  1. You need to convert the router to a wireless bridge.

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