GA-EX58-UD5 underclocking my 2000MHz RAM

I've recently put this build together and haven't been able to get my G.Skill RAM to clock correctly on this mobo. Its unstable at 2000MHz and 1.65V under the XMP profile and can't boot into windows. The mobo clocks it by default at 1066MHz and 1.5V. I understand that undervolting the RAM will cause it to do this, but to run it at the intended frequency and voltage is unstable? What am I missing here?
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  1. Here's the first thing you are missing: Intel makes absolutely no guarantees for any i7/x58 memory speed other than 1066 - these are simply in the 'unsupported' realm, and thus, no motherboard manufacturer or memory maker can validly claim, without exception, that "this will work!" This also applies to QPIs other than the officially supported 4.8 & 6.4 - Intel's position is, unequivocally - don't do it!

    The next thing to be aware of is that the i7 doesn't much care about actual RAM transaction speeds - it doesn't scale sufficiently to be even close to the point of subjective 'notice'; i.e., 1066 - 1600 - whatever, it won't make any real difference to you as a user...,2325-11.html
    and I quote: "High End Memory Is Not Worth The Money", when it comes to 1366 systems!

    That said, today I will be doing a lot of research correlation, and trying to come up (everyone's got to start somewhere...) with some first approximation recommendations for some i7 problems; I can't guarantee I can help with getting the whole 2000 out of it, but I'll bet we can at least get it stable at 1600 for starters...
  2. We seem to be accumulating a sizeable crowd of people here who are having problems with the new i7/x58 hardware. I have seen the 'boots with

    one stick of ram' thing from several, a couple of 'non-discovery' of various hardware, some clocking inconsistencies - well, a pretty good

    sized mess!

    I have an idea, and I'm going to 'plant' this post everywhere I think it might do some good, and see if we can get together a bit of a 'real-

    time' experiment; I'd like to try to see if as many as possible can get together at one, mutually convenient time, and try to whip these things

    as a group. I've been studying both the Intel docs for the i7/x58, and the GB manuals; my guess is that, for all the things that count (like

    QPI adjustment, 'uncore' handling, memory interface, etc.), all the GB 1366 MOBO's circuitry and BIOS are pretty much the same, so hopefully if

    we come up with a workable strategy, it should be workable for all...

    I'm going to start a new topic (say 'Ganging up on the i7/x58'), and, if you're interested, please copy the following, and post to that topic:

    MOBO Model:
    RAM (Manufacturer, speed, model number, # of sticks, nominal voltage):
    BIOS rev:
    Short, concise problem definition:

    Suggestions for a time (date?) when you could (I'm pretty flexible here) spend an hour or two kicking its ***! :

    If there are bad components involved, we'll try to isolate them, and probably we'll learn a lot about what works, and what's marginal, for

    others to draw on...


    aka: bilbat
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