Should I raid 2 SSDs with 1 TB HDD or use only 1?

I am a rookie when it comes to Raid so I wanted some opinions before I do something since all my parts will come in today. I have 2x Intel X25-V Sata 40GB SSDs and a 1TB Hard drive. I know if I raid 0 the SSDs, I will lose TRIM but gain better speed and performance. Should I just install the OS in 1 SSD and use the 1TB as storage or Raid them?

Thank you for any opinions. Since I am also new to Raiding, anyone can link me to a guide I can follow?
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  1. Raid 0 only improves sequential read/writes, does very little for the more important 4K random read/writes and access times. Does it compensate for loss of trim ?????

    If you opt to not use raid: 40 Gigs is a little small for both an operating system and programs, But you could set SSD 1 for just your Operating system and SSD 2 for all your programs - just have to make sure you point to 2nd SSD for where the program is to be installed - NOt some programs (primarily old ones) do not take kindly to being install on other than C Drive.

    Your call.
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