Hi, First time poster long time reader.

I just completed my first overclock and I am running my Q6600 at 3.2Ghz. Wile running prime95 my Temp averages 65C and the hottest I have seen it go to is 70C is this too hot? Should I back off the OC a bit? I ran the voltages on Auto and it's set to 1.368V

I am running 4 sticks 4G DDR2 800 RAM
EVGA 780i Motherboard and a Q6600 at 3.2GHz

Thanks for any help.
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  1. No, its fine. You must be on stock setup of air cooling. so its fine.
  2. I am using the V1 Thermaltake, maybe it just sucks. I am only 55C when I am playing FPS games and multitasking though. Everything appears to be fine cept when I run prime95 temp wise.
    Thank you :D

    heat sink / fan I'm using.
  3. Thats great. not everything exert as much pressure as prime95 does. its made to test at most extreme settings. 55 is pretty fine, and your V1 doesn't suck.
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