External HDD causing issues on startup


i'm having issues at startup

when I start up normally everything is fine and flies

but if my 500G USB2.0 external HDD is plugged in, then the bios takes forever...on the order of 3-4 minutes to start booting windows

once it gets to windows everything is fast again

but its just annoying that i can't boot with my external plugged in

btw its a FOXCONN A7DA-S 3.0 with a Vantec Nexstar SATA->USB enclosure
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  1. If you dont need it than try disabling booting from usb if you have that option in BIOS
  2. Your mobo BIOS might have put the USB HDD's booting priority over your primary HDD. Like MaDMagik said, set your primary HDD as the 1st boot device and make sure your USB HDD does not boot before the primary.
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