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Currently I'm using seagate baaracuda 7200.10.160GB HD(SATA) which i purchased 2years i want to add another 500/750 GB HD which the total HD space will be 1 TB........I want to know the HD's which are compatible with the present one.......I doubt whether a seagate HD of 750 GB is available with the same it compatible if I mix my present seagate HD with another companies HD....if yes will the disk transfer rate/ performance of HD be affected...?
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  1. you can mix companies and models, your current hdd won't mind and wont take a performance hit
  2. Can I Mix seagatebaaracuda 7200.10.160GB HD(SATA) with seagate baaracuda 7200.12.500/750GB HD(SATA).....??
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