[Q]Expected Gain From OverClocking

Here is my current machine:
GPU: xfx 5770 1gb
POWER SUPPLY: 650 watt xfx xxx edition
CPU: AMD athlon 5600+ (2.8ghz x2)
RAM: 4gb of ram
-windows 7 64bit professional

I overclocked my GPU to become comfortable with adjusting voltages, memory speed, clock speed and fan speed. I think i am ready to start on my CPU.

I was wondering If i add addition cooling and i don't have any heat problem right now what is a reason amount i should beable to OC my CPU? 10% 20% 30%?

I have read the guides link on the forums :)
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  1. With an aftermarket cooler you should be able to hit 3.3Ghz quite easily just by raising the FSB and the vcore. Not sure what the percentage gain is but you will notice a nice boost.
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