HELP with watercooling routing!

My watercooling system is gonna consist of two loops.

I got a Corsair 800D Case.

I drew some pics of how i think it should be done.

Also, I'm insecure about if to take 2x MCP350 or a single MCP655 /w controller, the pros of the MCP655 would be that it might be able to pull the entire loop alone. Cons, more noisier than the MCP350. (Getting EKWB TOP for the MCP655 and MCP350 to increase flow rate and stuff)

Pros of the MCP350 would be that they are dead quiet. Cons would be with a loop of two, there will be tubing everywhere, and that will not look good imo.

-Single MCP655


I'm very strict about noise.
Gonna OC CPU to about 4.2-4.4ghz, and also push the gpus pretty far.
So, what would be the best move?

Any questions or suggestions are appreciated.
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  1. Go for the MCP650. I've got a MCP350 and it's not that quiet. Two of them would be noisy.
    You also don't need 2 x 3x120mm rads. 6 fans would kill you and a single 3x120mm will probably do the job, depending on the temperature of your room.
    Make sure CPU is cooled first, then GPU.
    Also, move the pump to the PSU compartment. Your case is ready for that and it should be more silent.
  2. I'd suggest 2 loops like the second pic. You really don't need a reservior if you don't want one.
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