Q6600 + 1066mhz ram

Ok, i know you will get this question all the time! But my heads in bits looking through the threads lol

I have a

Corsair Twin2X 4GB 1066Mhz

OK, simply put with the CPU at stock speed the RAM wont run at 1066mhz right?

I am on my laptop and not the PC atm as the PSU died and getting repaired so i cant give details as i am still new to this lol

Awhile ago i checked CPU-Z and my RAM was running at something like 400mhz x2 = 800mhz? I thought WTF? i got 1066mhz!

So, i OCed my Q6600 to 3.6ghz, 400x9, set the RAM to 1066mhz and the RAM VOLTAGE to 2.1000 in BIOS and i think if i remember right the CPU-Z shows the right speed of the ram as 533mhz but i cant remember fully as its been so long since i been on it lol.

Basically all i want to know is the best setting for the Q6600 and the RAM, and if i leave CPU at stock what speed SHOULD the ram be?

If i leave both at stock would that give me a good gaming system still? if i OCed the CPU to 3.2GHz what would i have to set the RAM to?

Cheers guys.
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  1. You bought DDR2 800

    Most DDR2 sold at speeds above 800 is simply guaranteed to overclock to the specified settings. The only true DDR2 1066 is rated for 1.8v which is the JEDEC standard for DDR2 such as this

    It's very confusing (I've written the same thing at least a couple dozen times) not all integrated circuits are created equal, some have headroom available above standard speeds. Memory manufacturers, in an effort to differentiate their products and make more money as well as cover for inferior chips, created a whole new market of guaranteed overclocking RAM. The practice has become the norm rather than the exception so most people don't even know. All DDR2 is required to run at 1.8v. If you look at CPUZ again and click the SPD tab you will find several settings, some JEDEC, some EPP (Enhanced Performance Profiles). Nvidia and Corsair got together and created EPP also know as SLI memory a few years ago to increase revenues. Some memory has these alternate settings but the manufacturer didn't pay the royalties so the settings aren't listed as EPP, the space at the top of the column is just blank. Just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about, here is a shot of my current memory which was sold as DDR2 1066 2.05v

    If you look at Max Bandwidth you can see it recognized as PC2-6400 (400 MHz) in other words DDR2 800
  2. I edited my comment, read above.

    The motherboard will automatically set the RAM to one of the JEDEC specifications. You will have to manually go in and set it to the EPP settings.

    Read this
    and this
    and this
  3. Thank for the info,

    So what your saying is the RAM is actually DDR2 800 but can Overclock to 1066 (the EPP) and sold as 1066MHz?

    I did go onto the BIOS and manually set the RAM to 1066mhz and put the Volt to 2.100, something like that will check when i can.
  4. That is correct.
  5. Cheers, now thats sorted what would you recommend for settings?

    I see you stick to 800mhz with 1066mhz ram.

    What would you suggest with my CPU, MB, GFX Card (XFX 4890 Black Edition)

    Should i set the CPU to 3.2Ghz and leave the RAM at 800? CPU to 2.4ghz and leave RAM at 800?

    Thank you for the help :)

    edit: Q6600 FSB is 1066Mhz (2.4ghz) so if i leave it at 2.4ghz and memory at 1066mhz with 2.1v then would i get 1:1 ratio = better performance?
  6. Also, check out the AI Booster software in the AI Suite
    on the motherboard's Support CD.

    It's documented in Chapter 4 of the User Manual.

    You'll need to install it from that Support CD first, of course.

  7. http://usa.asus.com/products.aspx?modelmenu=2&model=2267&l1=3&l2=11&l3=709&l4=0

    Overclocking Features:

    ASUS AI Booster
    Precision Tweaker 2:
    - vCore: Adjustable CPU voltage at 0.00625V increment
    - vDIMM: 64-step DRAM voltage control
    - vChipset (NB): 55-step DRAM voltage control
    - vCPUPLL: 64-step reference voltage control
    - vFSB Termination: 40-step voltage control
    SFS (Stepless Frequency Selection)
    - FSB tuning from 200MHz up to 800MHz at 1MHz increment
    - PCI Express frequency tuning from 100MHz up to 180MHz at 1MHz increment
    Overclocking Protection:
    - ASUS C.P.R.(CPU Parameter Recall)

    Support Disc:

    Express Gate
    ASUS PC Probe II
    ASUS Update

    ASUS AI Suite <---- !!!

    Anti-virus software (OEM version)
    Image-Editing Suite

  8. steev08 said:
    Cheers, now thats sorted what would you recommend for settings?

    I see you stick to 800mhz with 1066mhz ram.

    What would you suggest with my CPU, MB, GFX Card (XFX 4890 Black Edition)

    Should i set the CPU to 3.2Ghz and leave the RAM at 800? CPU to 2.4ghz and leave RAM at 800?

    Thank you for the help :)

    edit: Q6600 FSB is 1066Mhz (2.4ghz) so if i leave it at 2.4ghz and memory at 1066mhz with 2.1v then would i get 1:1 ratio = better performance?

    No, 1066 FSB runs 1:1 with 533. Remember it's DDR (Double Data Rate) so it's actually 400 which is doubled. Then Dual Channel which gives you 1600 effective speed. I have my FSB set at 1600 and my memory at 800 (1:1) which gives me the best performance. Play around with the settings, run some benchmarks and see what works for you. If your not planning on overclocking your CPU you could lower you memory speed and tighten the timings which might improve performance.
  9. So i could use 533x6 = 3.2GHz and RAM 1066mhz = 1:1ratio? because the bus speed and the ram speed are running the same speed? And at 3.2GHz and 1066mhz then PC should run stable easily.
  10. You also have to remember that the FSB is quad pumped so a 1066 FSB is actually running at 266.5. The stock multiplier for a Q6600 is 9 (9x266.5) which gives it a stock speed of 2398.5 or 2.4ghz. 3.6 is quite possible with that chip and good cooling which would be a 1600 FSB with the 9x multiplier (400*9=3600 or 3.6ghz) and in order to run the memory 1:1 you would run it at 800.
  11. Cool, i do currently have my CPU at that, 400x9 3.6GHZ and running pretty cool, not had chance to test it though due to PSU being dead. Problem was i also pumped the RAM to 1066mhz aswell so that must have messed the 1:1 up.

    so your saying run the RAM 800mhz ddr2 = 1600mhz? might be pushing it on air? lol
  12. When you get your system back up check the SPD settings in CPUZ. See what it has for 800 @ 1.8v and set everything there. You may, then, be able to increase the voltages and reduce the timings even further. It may also have settings already for lowered timings at 800, you'd have to look. The key with overclocking is to do the CPU and RAM separately. Set the memory at stock and see how high you can push your CPU. Then set the CPU at stock and see what your memory is capable of. After you have both those numbers you can find the maximum they can do when combined. Play around with it, have fun.
  13. Thank alot for your help ausch30 :)

    As soon as i get my PSU back from OCZ i will let you know everything if thats ok?

    Again thanx alot mate been a real help and i appreciate your time ;)
  14. np, glad to help.
  15. hi again, 1more thing, If i do set the ram to 1066mhz @ 2.1v is this OCing the RAM or the Motherboard? I dont know if its actually OCing the RAM as its guaranteed to run at 1066mhz but what about the Motherboard and if my motherboard going to be fine with it?
  16. It is overclocking the RAM but it's just guaranteed by the manufacturer to overclock to those settings. Your motherboard shouldn't have any problems with those settings.
  17. Cheers mate, again nice fast answer :)
  18. MMM I hear getting my FSB to 533x6 is going to be hard as only a few motherboards can get it to 533 :(

    If i cant keep mine stable at 533x6 then what about a 4:5 ratio?

    I hear that 4:5 isnt much different than 1:1?

    so i would use...

    400x8 = 3.2ghz
    533x2 = 1066mhz ram?



    am i best doing

    400x8 = 3.2ghz and running the ram at 400x2 @ 800mhz and lowering the timings to 4-4-4-12? this will give me 1:1

    bah confused lol
  19. 533 is hard which is why I suggested before 400x9=3.6ghz and run you RAM at 800. You seem determined to run it at 533 but as I said, there is very little difference in performance between 1066 and 800. The larger performance gains come from lower latencies which you will be able to get running the memory at 800.
  20. cheers fella, its not that am determined to run it at 533(1066) its just its i bought 1066mhz thinking i can run that NP like.

    Lets say i was to use 400x9 = 3.6ghz and the ram still at 533(1066mhz) then the ram still wont run at 1066 right? It will run at the FSB so its 400(800 effectively) so with that said there's absolutely no point in running it at 533?

    I do agree that 400x9 @ 400ddr2 = 1:1 does sound the best option for me right now. Obviously getting it stable is another thing @3.6GHz.

    What timings do you think i can get on the ram? 4-4-4-12 should be a breeze but that's 800mhz timings anyway,you think i could get lower on 1066mhz ram?
  21. If you set the RAM at 533 and the FSB at 400, it will run at 533 but it won't be running 1:1. You'll get a very slight performance increase by running it at 1:1 as well as a slight performance increase from being able to lower the timings running at 800. That should end up being a greater increase that the slight increase you would see running at 533. You should run you memory at stock and see how fast you can get your CPU to. Then set the CPU at stock and see how low you can get your memory timings. Then you can do both at the same time and it will give you an idea of what you should be shooting for. As for overclocking your memory, in CPUZ under the SPD tab there will be several different settings. There may already be settings in there for overclocking at 800, that will give you somewhere to start.
  22. Hi.

    I got a new PSU yesterday so PC is running again.

    Firstly Specs.

    Q6600 @ 3.2GHz (400x8-3.2GHz)
    Asus P5Q-E motherboard
    8GB DDR2 Corsair TWINX2 @ 800MHz (4-4-4-12)
    XFX 1GB 4890 XXX Edition
    500GB Seagate Barracuda

    So as you can see i OCed the CPU to 3.2GHz and set the ram from 1066mhz to 800Mhz and lowered the timings to 4-4-4-12 from 5-5-5-15.

    Temps on Asus Probe 2 read around 26c idle and real temp read around 35c.

    I ran Prime95 for 2 hours on the Blend setup. It had no errors or warnings and the probe read max 54c (around 60c real temp as a guess) didnt have it open.

    I set the vcore to 1.35 in the BIOS and CPU-Z shows 1.328v

    What do you think?
  23. Looks good so far. You should be able to up the multiplier to 9 which would give you 3.6, what CPU cooler are you using?

    Download Real Temp
    It's a better program than Asus Probe

    This one, Core Temp
    is also a good program for temp monitoring.

    This is also a great little program for monitoring temps and voltages and adjusting fan speeds

    The 1.35v and 1.328v thing is vdroop, it's normal. Asus built something into the BIOS of many of their boards called Loadline Calibration which, when enabled, prevents vdroop. This may help or hurt overclocking so it's best just to see, if you have it in your BIOS, how it affects your system. Most times you just want it disabled.
  24. Hi, my cooler is the ASUS Silent Square EVO.

    I also bought some OCZ freeze Extreme paste which i have yet to put on. I have moved this cooler afew times while messing so it could do with being redone tbh, am sure its not sat right at i have quite afew degrees between cores.

    Problem is i didnt fit it lol, and i cant get it off lol am sure with enough messing it will come off!!!! lol
  25. Hi, I also have a q6600 and I cant run it at 3.6 stable. But can do 3.2 np. Can you please check your vid, you can do this from coretemp. you seem be running 3.2 on pretty low voltage, I need 1.400v. My vid is 1.325v which is the worst for a q6600 g0 :(
  26. Coretemp says VID is 1.3000v
  27. pcangeldust, have you tried raising the NB voltages? You don't (and shouldn't) need to increase it much but a slight increase in the northbridge voltages can significantly improve stability.
  28. Hopefully I will get into overclocking once I have fixed my other problems. Thanks anyways for the tip I thought you only change the vcore and leave the rest to auto.
  29. so it mine ok? lol
  30. Also when increasing voltages you need to keep a close eye on temps. Most motherboards don't provide active cooling so an increase in voltages will have an effect on the specific chip's temperatures. I bought an Antec Spot Cool to direct air toward my NB since the Rampage Formula's NB is passively cooled. After installation it dropped the NB temps by about 10c.
  31. ok i got round to applying the OCZ Freeze Extreme. 1st time doing this so wasnt 100% sure, but i put alittle 1/2 pea size dot in the middle then added the HS. Heres a pic of Speedfan atm in idle @ 3.2GHz

    Are these temps ok? room temp am not sure but it isnt cool lol, never is in this dam room!
  32. temps look fine
  33. Ok cool, What about 38-38-40-36 (40ish) on cores on Coretemp in idle? I would like to lower the rpm of the fan but that makes them temps.

    same with Speedfan and says CPU @ 26c

    Am not sure what a safe temp is @3.2ghz.


    Ok, so i ran Prime95 with the small FFT's option..

    Started at 06:57:33 this morning, and the dam electric went at 14:48:12 so that almost 8 hours. I was going to try and keep it running for 12 hours! :(

    Luckily for me i left Core temp on and the logger :D

    The highest my cores went were 09:23:12,69°,69°,66°,66°,,,33°,69°,100%

    I would say the average was around 67°,67°,63°,63°

    I must say am happy with that. 8 hours and stayed under 70 on cores? Heres my log if you want to see more. It goes alot cooler later aswell.

  34. You really want to keep the temps under ~65c under load. 67, 69 is getting a little high. Look here. The EVO isn't really very good, if you were to change to something like the TRUE you could shave as much as 9c off your temps and possibly be more stable at a higher clock speed.
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