My Rosewill 600W + GTX 260 hanst blown up!

My GTX 260 finially came today and after a little shuffling around and a HD one slot lower Its up and running perfect. I did a little benchmarking in Farcry2, Crysis, Crysis:warhead. Now its not better then I would of exspected but keep it mind its all normal clock and im running it on a PCI exspress x16 1.0 slot. and only 1280 x 1024, it seems able to run higher resolutions but my screen cant fit it correctly.

pc x16 1.0 (for both cards)
Highest Graphics Settings

Geforce 7900 GTO
-Farcry 2
.Fps= 12-15
.Fps= ~14
.Fps= ~8 (In Fire fight)
..Fps= 3-5
.Fps= 1** (Shooting my Gun)

Geforce GTX 260
-Farcry 2
.Fps= 40-55
.Fps= ~45
.Fps= ~43 (in Fire fight)
.Fps= 28
.Fps= 24 (Shooting my Gun)

**My Geforce 7900 GTO Crashed after shooting my gun a couple seconds. Warhead-Crysis was much more graphicly demanding and I was only standing at the start of single player.

So like I said befor not as great as I exspected but a damn good upgrade. 3-5 times more fps.
Also to make sure my gtx 260 GPU is running Alright here are some Numbers I wrote down at heavy graphic load.

GPU Temp. = 43*C Idle, 69*C Load
Core Clock mhz = 301 Idle, 602 Load
Shader Clock mhz = 602 idle, 1296 Load
Memory Clock mhz = 100 idle, 1026 Load

My questions are; are all of those gpu numbers within the range they should be?
And also would I get better performance (more fps) if it was in a PCI x16 2.0 slot rather then my 1.0?

Lasty thanks greatly for everyones help and concern that I dont fry my computer up with my "crappy" rosewill. :D
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  1. You'll be back in a year or 2 don't worry lol.
  2. Lol yea we all are for somthing or another. Technology ages and dies just like us.
    It was middle of last year i upgraded my Motherboard, ram, cpu, so my gpu was a little behind. Got the 7900 GTO back in 10/08/2006, for $50 dollars more then what I paid for my gtx 260 last weekend mind you.. lol
  3. The 7900 GTO was a good card, overclocked well for a 7xxx series.
  4. Realy? I should of overclocked mine, but Ive never realy messed with clocking (my dad always warned me long ago it will burn up my computer). But with the Precision program that comes with the GTX 260 its seems actualy realy easy.. And I think maybe by just installing it, it started defualt by overclocking it a bit.

    Anyone else running a gtx260 and have their defualt clocks in Precision at, core=602,shader=1296,memory=1026?
    that seems about 10% higher then what newegg rates it I think.
  5. Temperatures look normal. You won't lose any performance right now even if it's a Pci Express 1.0. The Gtx 260 was a major improveent over the 7900 GTO.
  6. Quick question.. should my memory clock be that low? newegg rates the card at 1998mhz memory clock and mines about half that.
  7. Times yours by 2 and you will get what Newegg is referring to.

    Core clock 576MHz
    Memory Clock 1998MHz (mhz999?)

    Precision program is reading mine at
    Core clock 602
    memory clock 1026

    Definally looks unvolentarly overclocked, no?
  9. Nevermind I figured it out.. I first thought Precision was just monitoring my current clock speed I didnt relize it was changing it. So i guess ill just set it to factory defualts and just monitor tempeture from time to time (I dont want to overclock).
  10. Are you sure you didn't get an overclocked card ? I've read about it happening to quite a few people.
    Precision reads my stock clocks ( 576/999 ) fine and doesn't change them unless I do it myself.
    PS; The 7900 GTO is still a decent card, although not for todays games, mine is running in my game server.
  11. I think it's kinda weird that you got lower FPS in Warhead than in Crysis, since they made improvements to the engine to be less demanding...unless I'm the only one that finds it odd...

    Guess it's possible the settings were different...
  12. Could it be overclocked by accident? I dont know of any way to check clock other then with the Precision program. Anyone else with gtx 260 and pricision that clocks factory on defualt when you isntall it?

    I think it's kinda weird that you got lower FPS in Warhead than in Crysis, since they made improvements to the engine to be less demanding.

    Yes the setting were different from crysis to crysis warhead I forgot to include that. Crysis wouldnt allow me to use Very High and would only stick to High, while crysis:warhead would allow me to use Enthusiastic (very high).
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